Barnaby Joyce Condemns Labor Over Their Citizenship Issues


Former deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce has come out swinging at the Labor party over their citizenship issues. With the former deputy Prime Minister particularly angry over the amount of time it has taken for the MP’s in question to resign.

“Look this is an absolute disgrace, I can’t believe the hide on these people,” said the former deputy Prime Minister. “How on earth could you sit in parliament and in some cases progress ideas without knowing that you are a dual citizen. At best it’s incompetence at worst, well it’s fraud.”

“The Australian people should look at this at the upcoming by-elections and throw this mob out.”

When asked whether his tough stance on dual citizenship was a tad hypocritical given his subsequent citizenship issues the former deputy Prime Minister responded: “Look bro, we’ve all made mistakes but come on I’m just a man trying to work hard to earn enough coin to look after my families.”

“It’s not like I hung around in Parliament and had my boss the Prime Minister declare I was a safe bet to stay there. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to give a speech on the sanctity of marriages”

Mark Williamson

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