“Mine’s Bigger Than Yours” Says Shorten To Turnbull

Opposition leader Bill Shorten has taunted the Prime Minister after an encounter in a Canberra bathroom by pointing out how much bigger his was than Mr Turnbulls.

“I was actually shocked at how small Mr Turnbull’s was, I mean mine was almost double the size,” said a beaming Bill Shorten, “I must admit I am looking forward to showing mine to the Australian public and spreading it around the community. It’s definitely got the weight to win an election.”

However the Prime Minister was not impressed by Mr Shorten, saying: “I think we can all agree that size does not really matter. I would much rather have something smaller that I could share with all the people rather than something big that I could only give to a few.”

When asked to clarify his comments the Prime Minister responded: “Bill Shorten can boast all he wants about how big his package is but he does not give it to all. For instance no one in business gets a look at his package only workers.”

“Whereas my package may not be as big and enticing as Bill’s but I make sure I give it to business who in turn will give it to their workers. Everybody wins.”

The Prime Minister and Opposition leader will spend the rest of the year whipping out and arguing over the size of their tax cuts. Hoping to entice voters to their side.

Mark Williamson


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