Pauline Hanson In Talks With Poo Jogger To Join One Nation

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has revealed that she has held talks with the Queensland ‘poo jogger’ about joining the party and running alongside her for the Senate.

“It is so refreshing to see someone in the news doing something a little bit different and not caring about society’s norms,” said Senator Hanson. “The poo jogger reminds me of Myself. People condemned me for spreading my message on the streets like the poo jogger. Heck they tried to jail me as well, like the poo jogger.”

“In a way the poo jogger is the perfect metaphor for One Nation.”

However Senator Hanson’s wooing of poo jogger has put some noses out of joint namely former Senator and current professional chicken impersonator Malcolm Roberts.

“It’s all well and good to jump on board the next big thing but don’t forget those that have been with you from the start. I’ve been spreading the manure that is One Nation’s policies for a very long time now and I will do so well into the future,” said Malcolm Roberts. “Don’t you forget about me Pauline, unless wait maybe poo jogger is some sort of conspiracy put together by NASA to bring me down.”

“Call Skynews, the world must hear about this.”

Mark Williamson

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