Joyce Shopping Around Tell All Interview That Reveals What He Had For Lunch

Backbencher Barnaby Joyce has been shopping around the exclusive story of what he had for lunch over the weekend. The Joyce camp are hoping to get as much as $1.50 for the world exclusive.

“We are hopeful that the networks will lap this story up, as Barnaby has families to feed you know,” said a Spokesperson for Mr Joyce. “And who wouldn’t want to know what Australia’s greatest retail politician had for lunch.”

“I’ll give you a clue it definitely wasn’t vegan.”

When asked why networks would want to pay for Barnaby Joyce’s story given the extremely low numbers his first tell all interview drew the Spokesperson replied: “Oh look clearly that wasn’t Barnaby’s fault he faced stiff competition I mean Channel 9’s lifestyle channel ran Flip or Flop Timbuktu up against it.”

“This time it’ll be different. Maybe Barnaby could be a guest on Masterchef or Love Island. Oh he’d love that.”

Mark Williamson

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