Real Estate Agents Lobby Government To Allow The Sale Of Human Organs

The Association of Australian Real Estate Agents has called on the Government to allow the sale of human organs so as to allow first home owners a way to enter into the market.

“The average price of a house in this country is very high and a young couple would have to work for years just to get a deposit,” said real estate agent Irwin R Schyster. “If the Government allows young healthy people to sell their organs then this gives them the money for a deposit. No longer will houses cost and arm and a leg, just a kidney and a cornea.”

When asked whether or not his Government would consider the proposal the Prime Minister responded: “I won’t rule it out, my Government is all about jobs and growth. So I will take the proposal to the IPA and see what they think. Those chaps have their finger on the pulse and we may see this as Coalition policy.”

The proposal to trade body parts is polling well with baby boomers, who had previously requested the Government allow them to negatively gear a kidney or liver.

Mark Williamson

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