One Nation Books Telephone Booth For National Conference

Plans for the upcoming One Nation national conference were thrown into disarray recently as the party struggled to find a telephone booth in regional Australia to hold the conference.

“Telstra should be ashamed about the lack of telephone booths left in regional Australia,” said a One Nation spokesperson. “How are our farmers meant to call their friends or Lifeline without a phone booth?”

“It’s not like they can get any coverage on their mobile phones.”

When asked why the party needed a phone booth for their national conference the spokesperson replied: “Well we only have two Senators and it would be a bit weird booking out a function space for two people. Well two and a half as I’m sure Malcolm Roberts will turn up.”

“But it’s turned out all good now. We found a disused barn out the back of Bourke, and the old pig trough will be ideal for us to get together and trade ideas.”

Mark Williamson

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