The Queen Recommends Trump Take A Driving Tour Of Paris

Donald Trump fresh off his visit to Buckingham palace to meet the Queen has spoken of his fondness for the Monarch and how welcoming Her Majesty was.

“What a great person, wonderful to chat with. We talked about politics, corgis, me of course and she also had some travel advice. Telling me I simply must visit Paris and drive around,” said the President. “She even gave me a hand drawn map that included a short cut through a tunnel to help beat the traffic.”

“What a thoughtful thing to do.”

When reached for comment a Spokesperson for the Queen said of the visit: “The Palace does not reveal what conversations her Majesty has with World leaders.”

“However we will say that from time to time Her Majesty does discuss things like travel and she is quite fond of Paris. She often says it’s a city that seems to make all her troubles go away.”

Mark Williamson

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