Barnaby Joyce Offers To Mentor Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham


Special envoy for the drought Barnaby Joyce has reached out to beleaguered NSW Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham offering to take him under his wing in a kind of mentor type role.

“Too often in parliament we are not there for each other,” said Special envoy Joyce. “I realise that Jeremy is in a different parliament and party to me but I feel I need to reach out and try to help the lad.”

“I did try to help Luke Foley I mean I gave him the number of my mate who’s a defamation lawyer but alas it was too late.”

Greens Leader Richard Di Natale rebuked Mr Joyce’s offer when it was put to him, saying: “We do not need help from Barnaby Joyce on this matter. We will continue to do what we do when dealing with conflict.”

“We will meditate, reflect and see if we can align our shakras to turn a blind third eye on the matter.”

Mark Williamson

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