Government Denies ‘Inappropriately Touching’ The ABC


The Australian Government has strongly denied allegations made that it inappropriately touched the national broadcaster the ABC. The allegations came following last night’s 4 Corners program.

“This is completely untrue we have never touched nor interfered with the ABC,” said a Government Spokesperson. “Sure we have called them up and told them how crap they are and also taken their lunch money from time to time.”

“But that’s not abuse that’s just a friendly bit of ribbing.”

When asked whether they had called for any ABC Journalists to be fired the Spokesperson replied: “Never absolutely not. Well maybe Emma Alberici, but no one else. Oh we did ask for Q&A to go and for 4 Corners to be scaled back and then we did have a problem with that Banana you know B1.”

“That banana was cunning always standing to the left, typical ABC bias. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to wind up SBS, they’re not showing enough ads during their programming.”

Mark Williamson

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