Muppet Fined For Calling Kermit The Frog a ‘F****** Scott Morrison’

Scott Morrison

The Great Gonzo has been handed a $500 fine for behaving in an offensive manner after calling host Kermit The Frog a ’f****** Scott Morrison’ during a heated rehearsal for the popular TV show.

“Kermit and Miss Piggy were trying to film a segment set in the Australian outback but he kept fluffing his line how it isn’t easy being fair dinkum,” said director Big Bird. “This prompted a drunken Gonzo who’d been drinking cans of Fosters all afternoon to shout out ‘shut up you f****** Scott Morrison’ several times.”

The heavy fine is in contrast to the treatment of Professor Bunsen Honeydew who was let off with out as much as a warning after calling Beaker a ‘Tony Abbott’ after the squeaky voiced lab assistant had thrown petrol instead of water over a fire during an experiment gone wrong.

“Admittedly the previous week’s episode of Sesame Street had been sponsored by the letters F and C which may have contributed to the potty mouthed atmosphere on set,” said magistrate Sam the Eagle. “However we deemed the words ‘S**** M*******’ to be offensive to the ears of our mostly underage audience.”

Peter Green

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