Morrison Challenges Pamela Anderson To Debate His New Adviser Lara Bingle In A Pool Full Of Jelly


Prime Minister Scott Morrison has taken some time out from the Canberra thought bubble to respond to American actress Pamela Anderson’s call to step in and help Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.

Mr Morrison informed Ms Anderson that she should discuss the matter with his new adviser Cronulla model Lara Bingle and preferably the discussion should take place in a pool full of jelly.

“What red blooded, fair dinkum, Aussie bloke wouldn’t want to see Pammie Anderson and Lara in their togs in the jelly,” said the Prime Minister. “I guess all those trendy inner city leftie types will say it’s sexist and offensive but what do they know.”

“I’m from the Shire, I wear a hat, I give a fair go to those who have a go, you know.”

It is rumoured that Mr Morrison consulted with his colleague the former Minister for Women Tony Abbott on how best to deal with Ms Anderson.

Mark Williamson

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