Radio Stations Refuse To Play George Pell Records


Radio stations all over the world are refusing to play the music of George Pell after the former archbishop of Melbourne was jailed for child sexual abuse.

“In light of his conviction we can’t in good faith play any of George’s big hits like “Beatify It”, “Don’t Stop Till You Get A Nuncio” and “Smooth Cardinal”,” said Jim Payola, programming director Melbourne radio station 3DULL-FM. “Even his youthful recording “Pope Benedict, The Two Of Us Need Look No More” is off the playlist.”

Meanwhile the chaplain of Melbourne Jail has admitted that he feels under a lot of pressure to get this Sunday’s sermon just right.

“I’d feel like a right tosser if I got the names of the apostles wrong or something like that with the third highest guy in the church sitting there in the front row,” admitted Father Declan Lagge. “I’ll try and steer away from the whole burning in hell for your sins angle because that never plays too well with the crims and maybe talk about redemption or something a bit more positive.”

Pell has settled in well on his first day behind bars, requesting only a small geologist’s hammer and a poster of Rita Hayworth dressed as a nun for his cell wall.

Peter Green

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