WARNING: The Unoz Is Being Sued And You May Be Too For Sharing Our Articles


Sorry to get serious, but Peter Dutton is using a loophole in New Zealand’s new anti online hate laws to bring legal action against The UnAustralian and this may pertain to anyone who has shared certain stories of ours.

Basically we’ve received a letter from Mr Dutton’s legal people stating that any of our material that has been shared to any platform in New Zealand that contains the name “Peter Dutton” and any of the following words constitutes a hate crime in NZ. The words are: potato, spud, chat, mashed, fries, potato cake (Victoria only), scallop (NSW only), au gratin, pratai, chips, wedges, Pringles, crinkle cut, grits, shepherd’s pie and hash brown.

We’ve checked our archive and just to be on the safe side if you’ve shared any of the following unoz articles to a friend in New Zealand please delete the post. The stories are:

Peter Dutton Eaten By Gobbledocks

Peter Dutton Declares Potato Mashers an Illegal Weapon

Peter Dutton Takes Two Weeks off To Recover From Attack Of Potato Blight

We apologise for placing our loyal readers in this situation. This however is the future of the internet and we applaud any measures to curtail hate crime. Please note the article titled “Peter Dutton Vows To Shirtfront Poutine” doesn’t contain any of the offending words and can still be shared.

Peter Green

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  1. A great April Fools gag, ridiculous yet plausible…

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