ScoMo Reveals Extra Budget Funding To Build More Toilets In And Around Engadine McDonald’s


Interim Prime Minister Scott ‘ScoMo’ Morrison has announced that this year’s budget will allow funding for more public toilets to be built in and around Engadine McDonald’s.

“Look we’ve all been there, you’re close to home when nature calls and damn it if their isn’t a line up to use the gent’s toilets at Maccas and the Servo’s closed,” said the Prime Minister. “What my Government will do is ensure this does not happen to anyone, especially a Prime Minister, again.”

“You won’t see Bill Shorten offering to build dunnies in the Shire, that’s why he can’t be trusted.”

However the announcement has not gone down well with all members of the Government particularly the Member for Warringah Tony Abbott who said: “Ah look whilst I applaud the current Prime Minister’s commitment to toilets I think the money would be better spent over at Manly, than Engadine.”

“After all Engadine already has a McDonald’s with toilets, the Manly McDonald’s is only a hole in the wall. I found that out recently whilst out door knocking in my electorate.”

“It’s amazing the things you find whilst out door knocking.”

Mark Williamson

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