“We Had No Idea Homophobia Existed Till Folau Tweet” Says Oblivious Gay Community

Israel Folau

Australia’s gay community has been gobsmacked to learn that some sectors of the rest of society don’t like them very much after reading a tweet from rugby player Israel Folau that suggests they may go to hell if they don’t repent.

“I just assumed we were universally loved and respected by everyone,” said gay man Kevin Donaldson, who works as a doorman at the Tradies, Skinheads, Religious Fundamentalists and 1970s Comedians Club. “This is just totally out of the blue. No-one’s ever given me or any of my friends a hard time about our sexual orientation before.”

“I was just doing my usual weekly scroll through Twitter to see what my favourite rugby players had to say about life when I was startled to read Israel’s post,” said gay Lifeline counsellor Jim Carruthers. “I’ve got to start paying more attention to other people’s attitudes. I mean, what if it’s not just Israel?”

Sydney’s gay community has launched a Go Fund Me page to raise money to start an investigation into whether anyone other than Israel Folau has ever expressed a negative opinion about them.

Peter Green

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