Malcolm Roberts Calls His Tailor To Order Half A Dozen New Tin-Foil Suits


Senator-elect Malcolm Roberts has celebrated his impending return to Canberra by calling his tailor to order half-a-dozen new tin-foil suits.

“They say suits maketh the man well half-a-dozen new tin foil suits should turn me into six new men,” said Senator-elect Roberts, “In fact, if I’m six new men then that would give Pauline Hanson the balance of power in the Senate.”

“Actually if I were to order 77 new suits then that would give Pauline power, dear God I’m onto something here, quickly call my tailor.”

When it was pointed out to Senator-elect Roberts that the saying ‘suits maketh the man’ was a saying not to be taken literally the Senator replied: “Says who, where is your empirical evidence? I think you are trying to harness my brain waves, begone with you.”

“Who are you working for, Clive Palmer, major league baseball, the French”

At this point, Senator Roberts fled the interview and was last seen heading to Coles to stock up on aluminium foil.

The Senator will be sworn in on the Senate’s first day of sitting. Assuming, of course a tin-foil covered bible can be found for him to swear upon.

Mark Williamson

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