Column: Gina Rinehart’s Guide To Being A Cook

Gina Rinehart

To celebrate the launch of her brand new cookbook, Things We Love, The (un)Australian has reached out to prominent West Australian Gina Rinehart and offered her a weekly cooking column.

When the people behind The (un)Australian reached out to me to gather my thoughts on how to cook a delicious family meal I was at first shocked as I swore I had a restraining order out against them.

However I said to myself Gina, what good is your knowledge if you can’t force it on to others.

So with that in mind I would like to teach you all how to prepare and serve my favourite family meal a Subpoena.

Step one is gathering all the family together, now this can be a tricky operation as when kids become adults they no longer are as obedient as they used to be. My family usually gathers together at the beautiful venue known as the Federal court, such a lovely place for a gathering.

Once together it is essential to have the Subpoena ready to go. I find it best to get a police officer or lawyer to deliver it on your behalf.

Now a lot of people will be asking what is best to accompany a subpoena well I have found in the past that it pairs nicely with a delightful suppression order.

There you have it there’s my guide to serving a subpoena. Please come back next week where I will tell you all how to feed a family on less than 1.5 billion dollars a week. You’ll be amazed at how it can be achieved.

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