Katter Calls For A Cull Of Vegans In Order To Save The Endangered Hog’s Breath Cafe


The member for Kennedy has called upon the Government to arrange for a cull of vegans in order to help save the endangered Hog’s Breath Cafe.

“It’s all well and good for the Government to be talking about tax cuts and the economy but how on earth can they do this when every 6 weeks a Hog’s Breath Cafe is being ripped apart on social media by a vegan,” said Mr Katter. “I mean these vegans just don’t care how many good honest Australian steak joints they destroy as part of their mad vendetta.”

“Let me at them, I’m a meat fuelled commando ready to drive a steak or a stake through any vegan or vego’s heart.”

“You can take my freedom but I’ll be damned if you take my Hog’s Breath.”

The Prime Minister Scott Morrison when asked for comment on Mr Katter’s calls for a vegan cull simply offered his ‘thoughts and prayers’ for all Hog’s Breath employees.

Mark Williamson


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