Bolt Livid That Greta Not Pell Was Named Time Magazine’s Person Of The Year


Australian blogger Andrew Bolt is livid after news came through overnight that Swedish Climate crusader Greta Thunberg was named Time magazine’s person of the year rather than Bolt’s person of the year convicted pedophile George Pell.

“This is an absolute travesty,” said blogger Bolt. “I mean how dare they reward this child who dares to disagree with my opinions. Can you imagine it, a child being believed over a white man, what has this World become?”

“Meanwhile poor Cardinal Pell sits alone in the cells. I tell you what the Cardinal has touched more children than Greta has, that’s for sure.”

When asked why he was constantly attacking a 16 year old girl whilst at the same time defending a convicted pedophile blogger Bolt said: “I remind you that the Cardinal still has an appeal in the works and I am assuming the High Court will look at my extensive research into the case and find him not guilty.”

“As for Greta who does she have on her side backing her opinions a bunch of scientists. You mean to tell me that scientists know more than middle class white men who blog, come on.”

Mark Williamson

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