Sky News Australia Names George Pell Its Person Of The Decade


Cable news (sic) channel Sky News Australia has today announced that it is naming convicted pedophile Cardinal George Pell as it’s person of the decade for the decade ending 2019.

“The result was pretty unanimous amongst our talent,” said a Sky News Executive. “Heck we even put up a poll for our viewers to vote and we had an amazing response, 6 people or 20% of our total viewership took the time to vote.”

“And all of them who voted did so for George Pell, I tell ya that guy really touched a lot of people.”

When asked whether it was appropriate to bestow accolades on someone currently serving a jail sentence for sexually assaulting children, the Executive said: “There is an appeal before the courts you know.”

“Besides if we let adverse court findings effect who we give air time to then we wouldn’t be putting Andrew Bolt on air would we?”

“Heck he breached the racial discrimination act and we have him on 5 times a week.”

“Don’t forget we give Rowan Dean air time as well and it’s only a matter of time before he’s charged with crimes against comedy.”

Mark Williamson

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