Country Folk Finally Feel City’s Pain After Wind Blows Traffic Jam Into The Bush


People living in the New South Wales country have gotten a taste of how tough life is for Sydney people after strong easterly winds blew a traffic jam into the state’s central west.

“We’ve spent the past few weeks surrounded by buses, semi trailers and stupid wankers in white vans dodging between lanes trying to find the quickest path to work,” reported Tamworth farmer Trevor Gumboot. “Not only that, we are absolutely choking on repeated conversations about housing prices which have blown in from the north shore.”

“The traffic that is usually backed up all the way to the Burnt Bridge Creek Deviation has somehow made its way over the mountains,” said congestion meteorologist Brent Tailgate. “A broken down truck at The Mechano Set has been causing havoc on the Hume Highway heading eastbound for weeks now so we’ve upgraded that jam from watch and act to an emergency level.”

Country folk have been advised to sit in their tractors and put the radio on to listen for emergency advice on whether to take Flat Rock Drive or The Suspension Bridge in order to get themselves home in time for dinner.

“We sometimes get stuck in the middle of a flock of sheep or at one of those traffic lighty things when there are roadworks but we’ve never experienced anything like this,” said Cowra farmer Tamara Blackstump. “I’ve heard that they are calling in a whole platoon of eye in the sky helicopter reporters from America to help clear the traffic.”

Peter Green

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