Prime Minister ScoMo Tells Fire Fighters Relief’s At Hand As The First Test Starts Tomorrow


Prime Minister Scott Morrison has met with firefighters battling blazes around New South Wales to deliver them the good news that relief is on it’s way as the first test against New Zealand in Perth starts tomorrow.

“Initially I was on my way to deliver to our brave fire fighters a fresh batch of thoughts and prayers when I happened to look in the paper and notice that the cricket starts tomorrow, so that’ll bring the boys some relief,” said the Prime Minister. “I mean how good’s cricket?”

“Sure we’re only playing New Zealand but still any games a good game.”

When asked why he was not doing more for the fire fighters like releasing funds the Prime Minister said: “Look we have given the fire fighters as many thoughts and prayers as the Government can spare.”

“Besides these blokes love fighting fires we wouldn’t want to deprive them of that by putting the fire out too soon.”

“Oh yeah remind the firies that the test’s a day nighter in Perth so they can stay up late and watch it. How good’s day night tests?”

Mark Williamson

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