Covid-19 Rages On Despite The 800 Million Infectious Disease Experts On Facebook


The world’s number of fatalities and cases has continued to soar despite the hundreds of millions of infectious disease experts providing advice on Facebook.

The multitudes of specialists have been sharing their own medical opinion as well as debunking common myths, on everything from how the virus operates to how it should be managed.

“Social distancing won’t work”, commented Meredith on a popular mummy-blog post, “all it will do is cripple our economy.”

The 38 year-old, mother of two often moonlights as an essential oils entrepreneur when she’s not providing advice on the deadly outbreak.

“It’s like people are stupid or something,” she told the Unoz, despite us not even asking the question, “just being force-fed someone’s agenda!”

However, the issue is that the 800 million experts don’t always agree on the best course of action. One particular guild, who keep their identity veiled using motor vehicles as their display pictures believe Australians just need to “harden up, it’s just the flu”.

The members of this fraternity are often spruiking their expertise in immunology on the Facebook pages of News Corp publications.

Despite the sheer numbers of experts, it has done nothing to curb the impact of Covid-19.

Australian Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Professor Paul Kelly, has publicly thanked those offering solutions and encouraged them to retire off the back of such hard work.

GK Kidd


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