Queen Pissed After MI5 Infect The Wrong Son With Covid-19


Palace sources have indicated that Queen Elizabeth is apparently ropeable that the Nation’s security service MI5 have infected Prince Charles instead of Prince Andrew with the Covid-19 virus.

“The Queen was furious when she learned that her heir Charles was infected with Covid-19, instead of Andrew,” said a Palace Insider. “She was heard to mutter, the one time that Andrew manages to avoid picking up something that was 19.”

“Prince Philip has not yet been told of the stuff up as they are worried he will try and take Andrew out himself.”

When asked why MI5 was instructed to infect anyone with the virus let alone a Royal, the Palace Insider said: “When one’s horse is lame and of no use you don’t keep feeding it, you put a bullet in it”

“We can’t do that with Prince Andrew, believe us we’ve asked.”

“Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go and find out when France will be opening up it’s borders again.”

Mark Williamson


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5 replies

  1. Are you fair-dinkum? The correct term is pissed off. Pissed (as in angry) is American.


  2. Prince Charles is self isolating at Balmoral with Covid-19. Andrew is isolated in Chelsea with Emily,17.


  3. Is Jacob Rothschild dead, the cunt or not ?


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