Star Casino To Roll Out Financial Education Program In NSW Schools

Star Casino

NSW Premier Gladys “Baccarat” Berejiklian has contracted the Star Casino to develop and deploy a financial education program for NSW schools. The move comes after reports surfaced of the Star Casino allowing underage people in to gamble.

“It’s a no-brainer for this government,” stated Gladys after losing the NSW Health budget on a face card double down. “The Star has proven how effective they are at educating our young Australians.”

It’s believed that the recent spate of under-age patrons at the state’s iconic gambling institution lead the government to green-light the Star as a preferred provider.

In a statement issued by the casino, they mentioned that young people were an “important target market” of theirs and they were keen to help shape the financial decisions of tomorrow’s gambler.

Last month the NSW Government announced a fine for the venue after they breached covid restrictions. It’s believed that Gladys personally visited the Pyrmont location to retrieve the sum, which she promptly “let ride” on roulette.

GK Kidd


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