Senator Malcolm Roberts Denies Existence Of Daylight Savings

Queensland Senator Malcolm Roberts has issued a press release denying the existence of daylight savings and calling on those supporting this ‘dangerous ideology’ to cease.

Speaking to The (un)Australian Senator Roberts spoke of his concerns, saying: “This is dangerous talk, I mean winding clocks back and forth, it’s not right. This morning I attended a meeting in Canberra and everyone else was there an hour earlier, I thought people were playing silly buggers with me but then they started mocking me for not winding my watch back.”

“I will not be the source of ridicule because people decide to play God with the time. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to chair a discussion group on whether or not it should be legal to shoot Unicorns.”

“What time do you have, my watch says it’s 10 am? But that clock over there says it’s 9 am, I’m guessing that clock is wrong.”

Mark Williamson

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