Australian TV Exec’s Thankful That Freelancers Can’t Afford To Strike

With news of the Writer’s strike shutting down shows all across America, Australian TV exec’s have breathed a sigh of relief that the strikes won’t hit the local industry too hard, as they don’t hire writers on a full time wage. Hence they can’t afford to strike.

”Big sigh of relief that the latest season of Who wants to marry a Masterchef on the block and build a bridge at first sight will still go ahead,” said an unnamed Exec. ”These writers don’t know how good they have it, we’re the ones taking all the risks.”

”It’s not like we get them to build the houses or cook the food, though maybe we should. Let’s test Masterchef Writers with the focus group and see if it has legs.”

When asked why the local industry has seemingly done away with scripted comedies and drama in favour of reality TV, the unnamed exec said: ”We give the people what they want. They like to eat crap and watch crap.”

”Heck, look at the last 9 or so years, they also like to be Governed by and like, crap as well.”

”Now, if you’ll excuse me, we have a bit of an issue on the set of The Bridge, apparently someone asked one of the contestants to spell bridge and they’re a little freaked out.”

Mark Williamson


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