Tony Abbott Reaches ‘Gaffe Limit’, Faces UN Sanctions


The UN is set to pass a rare resolution first used following the presidencies of Ronald Reagan and Gerald Ford where world leaders are permitted no more than 1500 gaffes. Prime Minister Tony Abbott reached this milestone within 15 months of his election when he managed to confuse Tasmania and China while announcing the new free trade deal. Abbott attempted to laugh off the gaffe  saying “it’s hard to confuse Tasmania and China — but I have” while Australian officials cringed at the inevitable upcoming UN censure.

Ben Powers, a spokesperson for the prime minister said “we all knew he was approaching the limit but felt it was better to not mention it and hope for the best” and explained the team’s reasoning by saying “Peta felt that the pressure might make him nervous and bring on the sanctions sooner”.

Abbott’s 1500 gaffes in the space of 15 months places him squarely as a world leader in this regard. Some of his more well-known clunkers include calling his daughters “hot”, winking lewdly as a pensioner described her financial woes and repeatedly appearing publicly in Speedos.

Other world leaders stand in awe of how the Australian PM punches above his weight. “My people were worried about bear wrestling and a little bit of semi-clad horseback riding,” remarked Vladimir Putin. “But that guy Abbott, he’s out of control”.

Vera Long

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