Homeless To Be Given Credit Card Processing Facilities

Credit Card

Plans for an inner city council to give the homeless credit card processing facilities in order to help them get change for the bus has been met with outrage by local residents.

A council spokesperson defended the decision by saying, “Look the cost of living is rising, and the days of needing a dollar for the bus are long gone, we’re moving towards a cashless society and we feel the need to look after society’s most vulnerable is imperative.”

However the move has outraged local resident Claire Johnson who has lived in the suburb two months and is one of the suburbs most popular bloggers. Said Miss Johnson: “This is appalling, I mean now when we give to the homeless we have to actually spend time with them whilst we wait for a receipt, I mean, eh, I just want to throw my loose change at them and be done with it.”

The scheme has been costed to provide the forty or so homeless residents with credit card processing facilities at fifty million dollars, the funds will not come from new taxes but rather from diverting funds from a youth outreach program and selling off the local women’s shelter.

Mark Williamson


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