Cory Bernardi Calls For A Spill Of The Voices In His Head

The voices in Cory Berrnardi's head want to stop you marrying animals.

The voices in Cory Berrnardi’s head want to stop you marrying animals.

Federal Liberal senator and a man who believes marriage equality will lead to people marrying animals Cory Bernardi has called for a spill to occur among the voices in his head.

A spokesperson for Senator Bernardi told The (un)Australian: “At first Cory believed the voice in his head was God and was simply offering him some advice, like do onto others, and don’t steal, but then other voices came along and told him stuff like marriage equality is wrong and will lead to people marrying animals. Poor bloke he spends most of his time in his office screaming ‘Make it stop!'”

Senator Bernardi was a strong critic of this week’s call to spill the Liberal leadership, but after seeing how it calmed down Tony Abbott, he is said to be a convert, even going so far as to invite Minster for Communication Malcolm Turnbull to contest the spill.

Mark Williamson

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