Andrew Bolt Claims Peta Credlin’s Marriage A Leftist Conspiracy


Australia’s self professed most-read blogger and bias expert, Andrew Bolt has today spoken of the marriage between the Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff Peta Credlin and her husband, federal Liberal Party director Brian Loughane, condemning it as a leftist conspiracy to bring down the government.

Bolt talking to The (un)Australian said: “It’s clearly a leftist plot that they are together, I mean a husband and wife holding two important positions in the ruling government, it’s absurd.

“Both Credlin and Loughane are good people. How they got together, I’m not sure but I wouldn’t rule out some leftist match maker, Bob Brown perhaps?”

When asked to comment, former Greens leader Bob Brown replied: “Yes, Andrew I set Peta up with Brian years ago in a hope that one day they would be in a position of power to bring down the governments… seriously what will Bolt say next? Climate change doesn’t exist?”

Mark Williamson

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