Mark Latham Appointed New Host Of ‘At The Movies’


Former aspiring Prime Minister and only client the taxi industry has ever  referred to competing driver service Uber, Mark Latham, has today been announced as the new host of ABC1’s  At the Movies.

The show had previously been hosted by stalwart film critics Margaret Pomaranz and David Strattion who stepped aside last year. The ABC held off announcing a replacement until now.

ABC Director Mark Scott told The (un)Australian the reason behind the left field pick saying, “We held off the announcement until the right candidate came along and honestly we didn’t know if they ever would, then on the weekend I read Mark’s column reviewing the movie Birdman and I thought this guy has got it and the rest was history.”

Latham’s review of the movie Birdman has caused controversy and outrage as he has labelled it left wing claptrap and bemoaned Hollywood’s owning of mental illnesses including anxiety.

When reached for comment Mr Latham screamed at The (un)Australian in a Hungry Jack’s car park, “Shake my f***ing hand before we do the interview you left wing prick! I’m glad to finally get a show on TV, it’s about time decent hardworking western suburbs living, father of the years like myself were represented, now let’s smash your camera and we’ll be done with it.”

To date there has been no word as to who will co-host the show with Latham however front-runners include Sharri Markson, his ego or a cardboard cutout of former Prime Minister John Howard

Mark Williamson

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