Shooters And Fishers Party Call For People To Be Able To Vote With Their Guns


The Shooters and Fishers party, a political group which aims to look after the rights of hunters and fishermen, have today called on the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) to allow people to forgo voting by pencil and vote with their guns by shooting the ballot paper.

The party thus far have managed to lobby the government to allow people to hunt in national parks and in their greatest (and weirdest) achievement, managed to elect to parliament a man who went to Africa to shoot an elephant, yep an elephant.

A spokesperson for the party, one Mr Elmer Fudd esquire, talked to The (un)Australian about the parties demand, saying: “A lot of our members struggle with the written word and voting is a very complex process numbering boxes, that involves maths and english, so we thought why not let them fill out the ballot by shooting through it?”

When we pushed Mr Fudd on issues of safety he proceeded to pull out his gun to demonstrate how safe they are to operate, in the process shooting himself in the foot.

The Shooters and Fishers party currently hold the balance of power in the NSW upper house and its goal this election is to elect more members to parliament. However, they will be capping their numbers at 10, as after 10 they need to use their toes as well as fingers to count.

Mark Williamson


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