Joe Hockey Says Hackers Took Charge Of Federal Budget

The treasurer wants a conversation with the nation about the costs of immortality.

Soon to be former Treasurer, Joe Hockey has made the extraordinary claim that professional computer hackers hacked into the federal budget and changed the details.

A spokesperson for the Treasurer spoke to The (un)Australian about the Treasurer’s claims saying, “It makes sense that hackers changed the budget, I mean people actually liked it. There was no outrage, no uproar, mostly just mothers getting screwed, no way Joe could have come up with that, all on his own.”

The Treasurer made the claim via twitter, though it is unclear if it was indeed the Treasurer tweeting as he then went on to tweet a picture of himself with the Prime Minister Tony Abbott in which the PM was not wearing a high-vis vest or visiting a factory. The Prime Minister’s office has since untagged the PM from the picture and posted fifty four pictures of the Prime Minister visiting various tradesmen on the job,

ASIO has been called in to investigate the hacking claims and they will get right on to it, as soon as they finish tapping the Indonesian president’s families phones.

Expected replacement Treasurer Scott Morrison was unavailable for comment as he was busy measuring up Joe’s office to see if it would fit his ego.

Mark Williamson

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