Mr Methane Appointed Australian Wind Farm Commissioner


British born “professional farter” Mr Methane has today been announced by the Abbott government as Australia’s first wind farm commissioner, narrowly tipping out radio broadcaster and hotly tipped favourite Alan Jones for the coveted position.

A spokesperson for the government told The (un)Australian: “We had a lot of applicants for the position of wind commissioner, Alan Jones, Andrew Bolt, Jacqui Lambie, but in the end we felt Mr Methane was a man of substance who gives the post the dignity it deserves.”

Prime Minister Abbott is on the record as not being a fan of wind farms, arguing they are ugly and cause sickness to those around them. This is the basis of his reasoning for needing a wind commissioner and also a Clive Palmer commissioner.

Those in the press gallery of parliament house have labelled Mr Methane’s appointment as a breath of fresh air blowing through the house. Mr Methane, who will take up the role as wind commissioner later in the year, will not be based in Parliament House, but will work from his office in a Heinz baked beans factory.

Mark Williamson

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