Million Moron March Planned for July 18th and 19th

Reclaim Australia

Plans are afoot to hold a nationwide million moron march in all capital cities on the weekend of July 18th and 19th. The million moron march is the brainchild of noted morons Reclaim Australia.

A spokesperson for Reclaim Australia explained the motivation behind the march, saying, “When the dude from Parliament said bigots should be bigots we thought we need to spread the word and what better way than to show off being a bigot than by getting together with a bunch of bigots and marching.”

The last time Reclaim Australia tried to hold a million moron march it resulted in violent confrontations with those who did not share their beliefs, or IQs.

When pressed whether this march will get violent, the spokesperson said, “No we are peaceful morons who like marching, we will not get violent, unless someone tries to stop us, or looks at us funny then in that case, it’s on!”

Reclaim Australia describe themselves as patriots who are against Sharia law in Australia, no word on whether or not they are for or against Sharon’s law.

If you wish to march in the million moron march try reading a book, if you are unable to do so then you are ready to march.

Mark Williamson

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