Ozzie Ostrich And Humphrey B Bear To Help Ray Martin Investigate Q&A


The federal government has today announced that Ozzie Ostrich and Humphrey B Bear will join Ray Martin to investigate the ABC’s Q&A program. The investigation follows Q&A’s decision to allow terrorism suspect Zaky Mullah being allowed to ask a question live on air.

A government spokesperson said of the appointment: “Both Ozzy and Humphrey are industry veterans and their involvement in the process will give the investigation the respect it deserves.”

When questioned over the logic of the review involving two fictional characters, one of whom does not speak, the spokesperson said: “What’s wrong with puppets? No one ever complains about Christopher Pyne, why the sudden angst around Ozzy and Humphrey?”

A spokesperson for Q&A could not be reached, as they were contacted via twitter and, as we saw when they allowed Zaky Mullah on air, they clearly don’t check tweets.

The review findings will be released live to air on Channel 9 in a special, hosted by Martin.
Mark Williamson

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