Government To Build The Bronwyn Bishop Memorial Helipad In Geelong


The government has today announced that following Speaker Bronwyn Bishop’s resignation a memorial helipad will be built in her honour in Geelong.

Minister for Education and self-confessed Bronwyn-file Christopher Pyne spoke to The (un)Australian about the memorial and Bronwyn’s legacy saying: “It’s a very sad day for Australian politics that someone of the calibre of Bronwyn Bishop is lost to public life. I mean she has achieved so much, as Speaker alone she turfed out over 400 of those awful Labor people, and not even Bradman he scored 400 while representing Australia!”

On the appropriateness of a helipad memorial, Mr Pyne said: “I think it’s a lovely tribute, initially we were going to build a giant kerosene bath but Bronnie didn’t like the thought of a blue rinse.”

The helipad will be built in close proximity to the Harold Holt memorial swimming pool, opposite the John Howard memorial shooting range.

Mark Williamson
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