Satan Cancels Planned Appearance At Liberal Party Fundraiser


Satan, or Beelzebub as he’s also known, has cancelled his planned appearance at a Liberal party fundraiser citing a potential conflict of interest.

A spokesperson for Satan told The (un)Australian:  “Look, Satan booked the appearance months ago through Bronwyn Bishop’s chief of staff and thought nothing more of it, but then as the appearance date neared we thought it’s not a good look favouring one side of politics over the other.

“I mean after all, we have done deals with both sides of parliament, little Kevin Rudd sold his soul to be Prime Minister, again and old mate Christopher Pyne traded in his just so Bronwyn Bishop could be speaker. And let’s not forget Clive Palmer swapping his soul for a donut.”

No word yet on who will be booked as a suitable replacement for Satan, however Rupert Murdoch is in the country.

Look out for Satan who will be next appearing in the new season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians where he is rumoured to be Courtney’s new love interest.

Mark Williamson

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