Winky Winky Emoticon Added To All Anti-Gambling Warnings


The NSW Gaming Authority has allowed the addition of the “winky winky” emoticon to the end of all anti gambling warning signs to bring them more into line with the intentions of the gambling industry.
“I always cross my fingers when I dictate to my secretary what I want those signs to say”, said Freddy Jakes, president of the Registered Clubs Federation.

“Now with the ‘winky winky’ on the sign, punters know that we don’t really mean it and they can continue to feed their pensions down the pokies like a Frenchman fattening a goose.”

“Everyone knows we only put those gambling hotline signs up under great duress because some boy scout from a minor party has gone all ‘think about the children’ on us,” said Janet Middleton, NSW Minister For Betting And Broken Homes. “Now that the winky winky is there we can all sleep a bit better at night and no-one has to pretend they care where all that lovely revenue is coming from.”

The tobacco industry has failed in a similar campaign to have the smiley face blowing a raspberry emoticon added to all health warning labels on cigarette packages.

Peter Green

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