Channel V Nominates Chris Brown As White Ribbon Day Ambassador


Channel V has announced that they would like to nominate American singer Chris Brown as an ambassador for the domestic violence awareness campaign White Ribbon Day.

The music channel, famous for launching the careers of Andrew G and Jabba, is sponsoring Chris Brown on a December tour of Australia. Brown is best known for his greatest hit Rihanna, although he apparently also sings and dances.

The move is seen by industry insiders as a shift towards the lucrative domestic violence perpetrators market for Channel V.

A spokesperson for the channel told The (un)Australian“For years we have played music by Chris Brown, Tyler the Creator and Eminem that is heavy in misogyny and pro-violence against women, or ‘hoes’ as they’re known in the biz, and we saw our ratings rise. So we thought why not go the whole hog and grab that wife-beater demographic’s money.”

The move to having Chris Brown named as a White Ribbon ambassador has been labelled bizarre by some, but is not without precedent. In the past Tanveer Ahmed, who has written (sic) columns defending domestic violence, has also been named an Ambassador.

Brown’s tour of Australia is planned for December, should he be issued with a touring visa. Jon Stevens is tipped to be his support act.

Mark Williamson

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