Liberal Backbencher Stunned To Learn Peta Credlin Is A Woman

PM Tony Abbott

A Liberal backbencher has told The (un) Australian, “off the record” that they were stunned to learn that the  former Chief of Staff to the Prime Minister, Peta Credlin was a woman and not, as the name “Peta” indicated, a man.

The backbencher who spoke on the condition of anonymity said: “Leading up to the election Peta was great, we got emails and texts making sure we stayed on message. It wasn’t until after we won the election that we had a celebratory cocktail party at the Lodge that Peta revealed herself to be a woman. After that she just dropped the ball.”

There was  constant disquiet among the back bench during Tony Abbott’s tenure as Prime Minister over the controlling nature of the Office of Prime Minister and Cabinet, spearheaded by Credlin. The former Prime Minister has repeatedly  condemned attacks on Credlin as sexist and misogynistic.

When reached for comment, Mr Abbott said: “I believe that I have a great track record with women, I’m married to one and I fathered three of them. Peta is a valued member of the coalition and maybe some of these backbenchers should start attacking the ALP with as much vigour as they attack Peta.”

Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard was asked for comment on the Mr Abbott’s passionate attack on sexism, however all she managed to do was laugh into the phone for five minutes.

 Mark Williamson

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