Parliamentary Question Time To Answer Children’s Letters To Santa

Joe Hockey (far left) would have been an ideal choice to play Santa Clause before leaving parliament last month

Joe Hockey (far left) would have been an ideal choice to play Santa Claus before leaving parliament last month

Following on from the successful introduction of constituency question time, federal parliament has announced that it will also start answering children’s letters to Santa Claus.

The Government’s Leader of the House Christopher Pyne spoke to The (un)Australian about the new initiative, saying, “I think it’s fantastic that Parliament will answer all the letters to Santa, I write to him every year and he doesn’t always reply, but I know this year he will.”

“It’s a pity Joe Hockey has left parliament as he’d look great dressed up as Santa Claus.”

A Labor party insider also spoke positively about the new initiative saying, “It’ll be good for parliament, I mean since Abbott was deposed Question Time has been less stop the boatsy and more oh they’re actually saying something meaningful, so this distraction is quite welcome.”

Letters to Santa to be answered by federal parliament can be sent to your local MP, it is asked that requests be kept to a minimum and no silly requests like a budget surplus or humane treatment of asylum seekers be requested.

Mark Williamson

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