Rugby League Commentator Calls On UFC Stars To Treat Women Better Like League Players Do


Rugby league commentator and host of the award winning radio show Footy, Footy, Footy, Dogs and Footy, Woody Rothstream has today called on the stars of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) to be better human beings and to try modelling themselves on rugby league stars.

Speaking to The (un)Australian, Rothstream unleashed on the UFC, saying: “Look, these UFC stars just go too far, did you see their latest show? Two women fighting and one getting knocked out, you won’t see any women fighting in league. Except of course after the game when they fight to go home with the fellas.

“But on a serious note that poor Rhonda Rousey getting smashed in the face like that, she’d be much better off trying to snag herself a fella, someone like Greg Bird, he’d never hit a woman in the face.”

A spokesperson for the UFC told The (un)Australian  they’d be keen to talk to the NRL about some issues like crowd control, in fact they said, “When the NRL has an actual match day crowd to control, call us.”

Mark Williamson

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