UN To Continue North Korea Sanctions, Denying The Country Hairdressers


Kim Jong un

Following news this week that Kim Jong Un’s North Korea tested an hydrogen bomb, the United Nations has announced it will keep in place sanctions denying the country access to hairdressers.

North Korea has long taunted the West with its flirtations with nuclear weapons, to which the UN Security Council has responded by grounding it like a tempestuous child. For instance, when Kim Jong Un came to power, the UN deprived the country of hairdressers, resulting in its supreme leader’s weird hair do.

A spokesperson for the rogue nation spoke to the (un)Australian about the sanctions, saying: “We don’t care what the UN does to us, we do what we want, ok. I mean have you seen Dear Leader’s amazing hair? He did that himself you know and already all the country’s men copied him, what a glorious leader we have.”

Should current sanctions against North Korea fail to halt their nuclear weapons ambitions, the UN has not ruled out further mreasures, such as another tour of the country by Dennis Rodman, or in the case of worsening provocations, a Nickleback tour.

Mark Williamson

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