Lleyton Hewitt Retires Doing What He Does Best – Hurling Abuse At Tennis Officials


Former tennis brat and now somehow beloved elder statesman of Australian tennis, Lleyton Hewitt has ended his decorated career at the Australian Open after a loss in the second round to David Ferrer.

Hewitt’s last match saw him doing what he does best in a gallant straight sets loss: hurling abuse at tennis officials during the match.

A spokesperson for The Fanatics, an organised group of loudmouths who travel to sporting events and annoy other fans with their continued chants of Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, spoke told The (un)Australian: “It was classic Hewitt mate, when he yelled at the umpire it reminded me of the time he called that official a spastic, I tell you if he’s not Australian of the year then something is wrong with this country.”

After his retirement, Hewitt will take over as captain of Australia’s Davis Cup team, where he is expected to take the next generation of stars under his wings and teach them how to hurl abuse like a two time Grand slam champion.

Mark Williamson

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