Turnbull: ‘Mardi Gras A Needed Break From The Hard Work Of Caving To Homophobia’

malcolm turnbull

The first prime minister to ever attend Sydney’s famed Mardi Gras parade, Malcolm Turnbull, said he thoroughly enjoyed the gay pride street parade, saying he “really needed a bit of a break” having been “hard at work” caving to his party’s homophobic right.

Relaxing in an Oxford Street cafe on Sunday, a still exhausted but happy Turnbull told The (un)Australian: “It was a fabulous night and obviously I am very proud to be the first prime minister to march in support of our gay community. But mostly I just really needed to cut loose with a bit of a party after how hard I’ve been working failing to oppose the backwards bigoted agenda of significant sections of my party.”

“From putting off a resolution to the same-sex marriage to a possible plebiscite after the next election, to launching an investigation into the safe schools program at the behest of far right Christian fundamentalists, it’s been all go, go, go.”

Brushing off some stray glitter still in his hair, a wistful Turnbull noted that the weekend’s fun was over and it was back the grindstone of taking policy leads from Senator Cory Bernardi.

Carlo Sands

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  1. As always people-nailed it.!


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