Embarrassed AEC Admits The Dog Ate Australia’s Ballot Papers

ballot box

Australia may be heading for the polls again after a red faced Australian Electoral Commission confessed that the reason it hasn’t been able to hand in a result for Saturday’s election is because the dog ate all the ballot papers.

“I know we were supposed to have the counting done by Saturday night but we left the ballot papers alone in the room with the dog and he jumped on the table and ate them all,” said a sheepish looking official outside the National Tally Room.

Some have queried the AEC’s excuse saying that the papers may have been deliberately fed to the dog to cover up the fact that they were copied note for note from the 2010 election.

“The AEC knew it was going to get sprung handing in a hastily scribbled copy of the 2010 election but with Rob Oakeshott’s name rubbed out and replaced with Cathy McGowan,” claimed ABC election analyst Anthony Green. “The AEC had a full eight weeks to complete this assignment and still couldn’t get it done on time. This is the worst explanation for tardiness in handing in an election result since Robert Menzies reckoned he spilled coffee all over the ballot papers in 1961.”

Only a better than expected performance from the Animal Justice Party has prevented the dog from being soundly whacked with a rolled up newspaper.

Peter Green

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