‘We Did it’ – GetUp! Claims Credit For Sun Rising This Morning


Progressive campaigning group GetUp! has claimed credit in an exclusive email to “all members of our powerful community” for the Sun rising this morning. 

In the message, delivered to it is supporters as well as everyone who has ever signed an online GetUp! petition and is confused about how to unsubscribe, the group said: “Yesterday evening, things looked dark for our communities. Many of us watched with horror as the Sun began to go down.

“But we refused to stay silent. We thought of the future, of our children, and our powerful movement spring into action!

“After so many of you took action by calling MPs offices and sharing our video ‘Let The Sun Still Shine On Our Children’s Playgrounds’, we can confirm that at 7:01am this morning, the Sun rose once more!”

The victory comes hot on the heels of the campaigning group declaring victory in its effort in the federal elections to defeat all candidates from the hard right asides from Pauline Hanson and all the other hard right candidates who got elected, and follows a strong effort over the past year to single-handedly  defeat Tony Abbott, save the Great Barrier Reef and convince Malcolm Turnbull to listen to his heart on marriage equality.

However, GetUp! has warned its supporters of the need to be vigilant. “We have received word that the forces of darkness are mobilising once more this evening and, unless we act quickly, the Sun could go down again! 

“Can you chip in a few dollars to help us get our new ad on air urging urgent action by our elected officials to ensure all generations to come can enjoy the sunshine?

“Together, we have shown that when we act united, we can confront darkness — and we can win! Thank  you for all that you do.”

Carlo Sands

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2 replies

  1. This is a perfect summation of Getup. They may have defeated a few far right pollies but they helped the centre right (Labor) Tweedledum / Tweedledee.


  2. Reblogged this on Autonomous Action Radio.


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