Line Up For The Festival Of Stupid Ideas Announced

Festival of Dangerous Ideas 2014 - Salman Rushdie

The line up for the latest Festival of Stupid Ideas has been announced and this year, organisers believe they have outdone themselves with stupidity.

With Andrew Bolt, Pauline Hanson and Cory Bernardi headlining, event organiser Mitch Brown told The (un)Australian: “Last years show with Clive Palmer, Jaquai Lambie and Sam Newman was a sell out and we thought it would be hard to top but this year we believe we have the right mix of ignorance, bigotry and racism for it to be another record sell out”

Topics to be addressed include: Andrew Bolt – Why Tony Abbott is the Messiah; Pauline Hanson – If You Eat Halal, Kill Yourself Now; and Cory Bernardi – If I was Gay.

There’s also several side shows happening in other venues around the city including: Mitchell Pearce and Todd Carney doing a double header on The Dangers of Social media and Re-hydration; Derryn Hinch – Pauline is Shit; Eddie McGuire – Why Women Love Me; Ricky Muir – Whats Next/Got a Dollar?, and Tony Abbott – How Good was 1956?

As well Peter Dutton is repeating last years show ,How to be Liked, Memorable and Popular, Ricky Nixon was said to be appearing but has pulled out at the last moment.

Organisers couldn’t decide on whether Malcolm Turnbul or Bill Shorten should appear so they have decided to leave everybody in suspense for a week or two.

Gus W Templeton

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